Infuence of pollen source and pollination Time on Furit set of Ferragness Self-incompatibility Almond


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Different experiments have showed that interruption in pollination is an important problem in most almond orchards.Asmost of the almond cultivars are self-incompatible,pollination cannot be performed desirably and as a result a failure in almond yield is occurred.Thus under this circumstance,determination of selective cultivars compatibility and choosing appropriate pollinizers are so important in almond orchards establishment.Thus,in order to select of best pollinizer and also determining of pollination time influence on fruit set of ferragnes,an experiments in Horticulture research station of Kraj,based on random complete blick desing with three replication on trees 8 years old.Four cultivars of Tuono,Fragiulio,sahand and shelofeh selected as the pollinizer treatments for pollinating the ferragnes cultivar.In this test,used pollens,had high percent of germination(85%),before crossing.After pollination,in order to study of how formation of fruit,pollinated flowers wrer accounted in several times and did statistical accounts on them.Significant differences wrer also observed between pollination treatments for the mean values of the percentage of fruit set,with the higher value corresponding to fruit set from open-pollination 38.79% and it,s lowest with Tuono pollenizer with average of percent fruit set was 22.60% in final fruit set,not only threr was more different between pollenizars for fruit setting in Ferragnes almond in each stage of pollination after flower opening,but also it was observed more different between pollenizers for fruit setting in various stages of pollination after a range of flower opening times.