Investigation and Assess Knowledge of Small Pistachio Growers in Kerman Province about Aflatoxin


Pistachio Research Institute, Rafsanjan, Kerman, Iran


In the current study with using of 553 questionnaires, knowledge of Kerman small pistachio growers regarding hygienic pistachio production especially aflatoxin was investigated. The results showed that factors such as high density of pistachio trees in the orchards and limited water resources are the main factors of creating potential of aflatoxin contamination in pistachio. These factors are not solved in a short term plans and should be considered in a long term programs. The results also showed that small pistachio growers doing most effort to observe hygienic cases and lack of knowledge in many of these areas are causing the problem. Therefore, there is a necessity to provide more extension. A survey in extension priorities of growers, also, indicated that technical extension including the definition of aflatoxin, its effect on health and etc. should be in the first priority. The next stage of “pistachio processing” and “marketing” was in second priority and pistachio orchard was the third priority. Although most of processing units are traditional, but, knowledge about them exists, so must make effort in order to solve their financial problems and executive action