Effect of Pre-soaking Seeds in Polyamines on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Pistacia vera L.cv. Ghazvini.


1 M.Sc. Student of Engineering Horticultural Science, Shiraz University, Shiraz , Iran.

2 Department of Horticulture, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.


Pistacia vera L. is a decidious tree. To investigate the influence of soaking seeds in polyamines (PAs) spermine (Spm), spermidine (Spd) and putrescine (Put) on seed germination and enhancing lateral root development of ‘Ghazvini’ pistachio seedling rootstock, the experiment were carried out in petri dishes and plastic bags. Seeds were soaked in PAs( Spd, Spm, and Put) at three concentrations( 0, 2 and 4 mMl-1 for 6 and 12 h and then seeds were put in petri dishes and sown in plastic bags to evaluate seed germination and lateral root formation in seedlings, respectively. The results showed that soaking seeds in PAs significantly increased hypocotyl- radicle length, mean germination time, (MGT) and germination rate (GR). The shoot length, leaf area, root number, fresh weight, dry weight, root diameter and root area of seedlings were significantly affected by soaking seeds in PAs. We concluded that pre-soaking seeds in PAs are a useful method to induce lateral root in Pistacia vera seedling rootstocks.