Physiological Evaluation of Pistachio Frost Damage Resistant Rootstocks


1 MSc. Student. Biology Department, Payamenoor University, Iran

2 Assistant professor, Biology Department, Payamenoor University, Iran

3 Horticulture Departments, Iran's Pistachio Research Institute, P.O. Box 77175-435, Rafsanjan, Iran


On 16th of March 2008, temperature decreased to -6ºC in some parts of the Kerman pistachio plantation area that was caused the heavy damage to pistachio growers. After the damage, some rootstocks were resistance to this temperature and no damage was interned to them. In the present study five rootstocks of resistant and five rootstocks of susceptible to frost damage were selected and evaluated from physiological point of view in order to found physiological parameter that affected on resistance. In May 2010 some samples were got from leaves of both resistant and susceptible rootstocks and were measured in laboratory condition proline, soluble sugars, proteins, nutrient elements including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, manganese. The results showed that no significant differences were observed in content of soluble sugars, proline among resistant and susceptible rootstocks. However, rootstock No. 4 of resistant rootstocks had greatest Magnesium uptake in compare to susceptible rootstocks and rootstock No. 3 of resistant rootstocks had greatest protein and potassium content in compare to susceptible rootstocks. Rootstocks in amount of other elements did not show much difference. As a conclusion the possibility frost damage resistance back to the soluble protein, potassium and magnesium and had a role in resistance to frost damage in pistachio.