Generic Plan of Food Safety Management System Based on ISO 22000:2005 for Aflatoxin Control in Raw Pistachio Processing Units from Raw Material Reception to Packaging


Department of Food Science and Technology, Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damghan, Iran


Pistachio is one of the most important agricultural crops of Iran. It is a nut from Anacardiacea family and its domesticated species is called Pistacia vera L. Regarding to pistachio importance and usage and by the expanding of pistachio cultivate, it is necessary to improve agricultural situation and by establishing well equipped processing and packaging units near the farms, it is possible to supply high quality and quantity of products for foreign and domestic markets. In this case, aflatoxin is one of the major problems. It is Aspergillus metabolite produced in good humidity and temperature condition. Thus for pistachio safety, usage of effective scientific methods based on preventive action in pistachio production chain from planting to packaging, storing and distribution is recommended. Since quality assurance systems and process control based on ISO 22000:2005 can be a good method for aflatoxin contamination control, in this research, ISO 22000:2005 requirements were implemented in a pistachio processing unit and aflatoxin B1 content was measured by HPLC before and after six stages of processing including washing, immersing pool, wet sorting, drier, temporary storing and dry sorting. After analyzing measured data, the most reducing stage in aflatoxin content was wet sorting and drying and temporary storing had the preventing role in aflatoxin content, so they had no significant effect in aflatoxin reducing. As a whole it is concluded that OPRP and CCP have no difference important in hazard control but they are different from type of control measure aspect. Besides for implementing FSMS effectively, suitable prerequisite programs are necessary.