Investigation of Advertisement Strategies Regarded to Iran's Pistachio


1 MA on Business Management, Hormozgan Social Security Organization, Iran

2 Faculty Member on Agricultural Economics, Iran's Pistachio Research Institute, Rafsanjan, Iran


Iran is the first producer and exporter of Pistachio in the world. The research is on codification of advertisement strategies in coherence with the export of pistachio in Kerman province by SWOT model. Objectives of the research were determining the most important advertisement strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Kerman exporting pistachio and proposing appropriate strategies. At first according to the evaluations done on interior and exterior environment of exporting pistachio advertisement of Kerman province, a list of strong and weak points, opportunities and threats was observed. And after doing a survey by means of questionnaire from authorities (pistachio exporters of Kerman province) the statistical "T" test applied to confirm or deny the strong and weak points, opportunities and threats. Then by weighing each of the confirmed above mentioned factors through Likret spectrum and estimating the total weights, average weights and finally approximate weight, priorities were clarified. Eventually for eliminating or lessening the weak points, threats and improving and strengthening the strong points and available advertisement opportunities in accordance with Kerman province pistachio exporting, using SWOT analytical method appropriate strategies were submitted such as identifying and segregating new markets and using international advertisement agencies for promotion and competing with rivals in view of the superior quality of Kerman’s pistachio.