Root Regeneration in Pistachio Rootstock is Affected by Auxin and Polyamines


Department of Horticulture, Shiraz University, Shiraz , Iran


Pistacia vera cv Badami-e-riz and P.vera cv Ghazvini are the most important and popular rootstocks in Iran, which tolerate salinity and phytophthora fungi. This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of various concentrations of polyamines and IBA on root regeneration of transplanted bare- rooted ‘Badami-e-riz’ and ‘Ghazvini’ pistachio rootstocks. The mean comparison between IBA and polyamines applications on root regeneration showed that 1000 mg l-1 IBA significantly affected shoot length, leaf area, fresh and dry weight of shoot and root length. Root number, fresh and dry weight of root and root diameter mean in ‘Badami-e- Riz’ and ‘Gahzvini’ pistachio rootstocks. Though both chemicals increased lateral root formation and improved root regeneration, IBA treatments were more effective. However the percentage of seedling survival was higher value. Therefore, it can be used to help the survival of seedlings following transplantion.