Combining Application of Factor Analysis and SWOT to Survey Marketing and Advertisement: A Case Study of Pistachio in Kerman Province


1 Ms.C Business Management, Hormozgan Social Security Organization, Iran

2 Ms.C Business Management, Tidewater Middle East Marine Services Company, Bandar Abbas, Iran

3 Faculty Member on Agricultural Economics, Iran's Pistachio Research Institute, Rafsanjan, Iran


Agricultural products export has main role among non-oil exports and pistachio is the most important exportable agricultural product in Iran. In this research we tried to deal with the most important weak and strong spots, opportunities and threats facing the advertisement of exporting pistachio in Kerman province. This has been done with the usage of factor analysis (PFA) in combination with SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat). The information has been collected from people who are initiated into pistachio export in Kerman province. The results showed the most important factors in SWOT which have affect advertisement of pistachio export including Adroit and specialist manpower in the field of pistachio advertising and exporting in Kerman province, lack of an appropriate trade name for exporter, absence of sufficient budget in advertising from the exporter side and allocating facilities for advertising and marketing in specialized journals. The above mentioned factors have the correlation accounted for , , , and in SWOT, respectively. Among all these factors ―Adroit and specialist manpower in the field of advertising and exporting of pistachio in Kerman province‖ have the highest rank and most effect on advertising for pistachio export. And in the end, analyzing the results yielded the following supplemental suggestions for Kerman province‘s pistachio advertisement improvement: Reducing wholesale of pistachio and moving towards a packaging at the international standards level, and improving the storage and transportation systems.