Evaluating the Present Situation and Suggesting Appropriate Strategies forImproving the Efficiency of Pistachio Distribution Channels of Kerman Province Using SWOT Model


1 Ms.C Business Management, Tidewater Middle East Marine Services Company, Bandar Abbas, Iran

2 Ms.C Business Management, Hormozgan Social Security Organization, Iran

3 Faculty Member on Agricultural Economics, Iran's Pistachio Research Institute, Rafsanjan, Iran


This study attempted to assess the situation of Iranian pistachio and its export distribution channels. The main purposes of this study were to determine the most important strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities facing the distribution channels of export of pistachio in Kerman province and to suggest appropriate strategies for the current situation. For this purpose, an experimental approach wasused; requirementdata was gathered via interviews and questionnaires from pistachio exporters of Kerman province.Data analysis wascarried outusing one-sample t-test; assessment matrix of internal and external factors and the SWOT1model were incorporated. Using the statistical t-test, the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of distribution channels of Kerman province’s pistachio were identified and then prioritized with relative weights of approved strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. Then, with an analysis of SWOT, breakthroughs were devised to improve distribution channels of Kerman’s pistachio and finally based on the internal-external factors matrix, the current status of distribution channels of Kerman’s pistachio was defined and the best strategy for implementation was suggested. According to the results, the best strategy at present is a defensive WT one.