DNA Extraction of Almond without Phenol and Liquid Nitrogen


Department of Biology, Damghan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Damghan, Iran


Genomic DNA extraction with a high quantity and quality is a basic requirement in molecular biology. The
DNA obtained was free of any contamination proteins, polysaccharide, polyphenols and colored pigments.
These compounds would interfere with the genomic isolation procedures and downstream reactions such as
restriction enzyme analysis and gene amplification. The isolated genomic DNA was found suitable since this
method reduce these compounds. Hence, it can be employed for preparations inter sample sequence repeats
(ISSR) and cloning. The protocol also excludes the need for liquid nitrogen and toxic phenols. In this method.
A260/A280 absorbance ratio of extracted DNA was 1.7 to 1.8. The protocol covers many and divers.