Author = A. Imani
Number of Articles: 14
1. Identification and Screening of Homozygous and Heterozygous Almond Progenies from Self-Pollinated Touno Cultivar Using PCR

Volume 06, Issue 02, Autumn 2015, Pages 155-164

P. Najafi; A. Imani; S.M. Miri; M. Zinalabdini

2. Genetic Mapping of Blooming Time in ‘Marcona’ × ‘Fragness’ Population with Using Molecular Markers

Volume 06, Issue 01, Winter 2015, Pages 57-65

R. TavakoliBanizi; A. Imani; M. Zeinalabedini; A. Ebrahimi; S. Piri

3. Study of Compatibility Relationships Among Some Almond Cultivars and Genotypes Using of SAlleles Identification

Volume 05, Issue 02, Autumn 2014, Pages 49-56

M. Fallah; M. Rasouli; Y. Sharaf; A. Imani

4. Evaluation of Morphological and Pomological Diversity of 62 Almond Cultivars and Superior Genotypes in Iran

Volume 05, Issue 01, Summer 2014, Pages 39-50

A. Ardjmand; S. Piri; A. Imani; Sh. Piri

5. Cytogenetical Analysis of Iranian Wild Almond Species

Volume 05, Issue 01, Summer 2014, Pages 63-67

M. Rasouli; R. Tavakoli; A. Imani; E. Zarifi; M. Ahmadi Majd; P. Martínez-Gómez

6. The Study of Phenotypic Variation of ‘Shahrood ’ × ‘Shahrood ’ Population and their Comparison with the Parents using Morphological Markers

Volume 04, 03,04, Autumn 2013, Pages 25-31

R. Tavakoli Banizi; A. Imani; M. Zeinalabedini; M. Rasouli; A. Ebrahimi; S. Piri

8. Discrimination and preliminary selection of self-compatible progenies among controlled crosses in almond using Sf specific primer

Volume 04, 01,02, Summer 2013, Pages 47-54

M. Shahmoradi; M. Rasouli; R. Footuhi Ghazvini; A. Imani; Y. Hamidogli

10. The Effect of Genotype and Year on the Average Percentage of Oil Seed Content of Almond

Volume 03, 02,01, Summer 2012, Pages 37-40

A. Imani; A Hadadi; S. Amini; M Vaeizi; B. Jolfaei

11. Infuence of pollen source and pollination Time on Furit set of Ferragness Self-incompatibility Almond

Volume 02, Issue 01, Winter 2011, Pages 17-21

M. Agajanlo; A. Imani; S. Piri pireivatlou; K. Barzegar; S..Hassan. Masomi; S.H. Ava

12. Relationship Between Frost Injury and Ion Leakage as an Indicator of Cold Hardiness in 60 Almond Selections

Volume 02, Issue 01, Winter 2011, Pages 22-26

A. Imani; K. barzegar; S. Piripireivatlou

13. The Effect of Flowering Time on Seed Dormancy Breaking of Almond

Volume 01, Issue 01, Autumn 2010, Pages 22-29

A. Torabi; A. Imani